Should I buy One Central Saigon?

One Central Saigon is one of the apartment projects in District 1 invested by Masterise Homes Group. Despite receiving the attention of many customers, there are still people wondering whether to buy this project or not? If you are also interested in this issue please refer to the information below for the most objective answer.

Perspective of one central Ho Chi Minh project
Geographical location – Golden location right in the heart.
This project is located on a land with 4 fronts including: Pham Ngu Lao Street – Calmette – Pho Duc Chinh – Le Thi Hong Gam. The project location brings many advantages such as:

Located in the heart of a crowded and wealthy community area.
Convenient transportation connection, attracting apartment tenants.
Residents living at the project can easily use the facilities outside the area.
Moving to central locations and big cities is also shortened.
These are factors that increase the value of real estate products in the project.
About the project investor
The investor is a well-known unit in the real estate market with a line of high-end apartments. The Lasterise Group has extensive experience and strong economic potential. During its operation, this group acquired many large land banks in the center of Saigon and many other prime locations. In our opinion, this is a domestic investor who develops well the luxury apartment line and can choose to buy in very well.

High-class community
The project brings together Vip community to bring a civilized and modern living space. This is also an opportunity for quality trade and cooperation. Children have a good environment to develop a living area in a quality educational environment.

The number of apartments is limited

Only 214 apartments were offered for sale in the whole project. So this is a limited apartment, supply is not much. Therefore, it is possible to show the level of the owner as well as increase the value of the products in the project.

About the selling price of the apartment
According to information from the investor, the expected selling price is about 23,000 $ / m2. This price has set a new record for real estate prices in Ho Chi Minh today.

This price is considered reasonable and worthy of the classy amenities and values ​​that the apartment brings.

With the advantages that the project brings, we analyze above, we hope that customers interested in this project can answer their questions about whether to buy One Central Saigon project or not. If you have any questions or want to learn more customers please contact us at hotline 0936.326.868 for the most detailed consultation.