How are the advantages that make it easier for buyers to hunt for bargain prices during the season?

Many home buyers nowadays, thanks to the advantage of having available cash, have successfully negotiated with the landlord to reduce the selling price to several hundred million dong.
Mr. Tung has a financial of about 3.5 billion VND, including money from both sides of his paternal family. He is looking to buy an apartment in the Southeast direction with 3 bedrooms and a space for children to play. The couple admired and zoned a few apartments in Cau Giay or Thanh Xuan (Hanoi) such as Green Park Tower, N07 Dich Vong, Ha Do Park view, Bohemia Residence.

After going to see a few apartments, Tung and his wife are quite satisfied with an area of ​​135m2. This is a 3-bedroom apartment of the Bohemia Residence project, which is offered for sale by the owner for 4 billion VND. Fortunately, the homeowner needs cash urgently, so after negotiation, he agreed to reduce the price to 3.75 billion dong. As a result, Tung did not have to borrow too much. “The seller needs money urgently, I also really like this house, so from the time of coming to see the house, negotiating the price and moving in only takes about 3 months,” Tung said.

bên trong một căn hộ chung cư có người đang ngồi

Sitting inside an apartment, many people buy a house thanks to the availability of cash, so it is easier to negotiate discounts. Illustration

Also waiting for the seller to accept the discount to push the goods is Mr. Duy’s case. He and his wife are referencing some Anland Lake View projects, 43 Pham Van Dong, HD Moon City or hunting to buy old apartments in My Dinh area. Including own capital and support from both paternal and maternal sides, Mr. Duy and his wife have about 1.6 billion VND. Wanting to spend some money to do his own business, Mr. Duy just wants to buy an apartment for less than 2 billion. You can borrow more friends for about 400 million. “Seeing that there is an old apartment of 70 square meters on Tran Binh street for 2.1 billion, but I am not satisfied. I hope to have a predestined relationship to find the rightful owner to sell urgently to negotiate prices. A friend of mine in the past year also had to sell an apartment on the opposite side of BigC Thang Long and a 3-storey house in Trieu Khuc to get capital to maintain the operation of the travel agency and develop more tissue. new business image ”, Mr. Duy shared.

According to observations, on many real estate trading forums, asking to buy and refer to projects is still quite active. Many buyers still expect to find the right house that needs to be sold urgently or the owner gives priority to “real grain money” to easily negotiate the price. Even those who have a house still take advantage of this time to buy “savings”. “I join many real estate groups, communities on social networks to grasp the situation, wait for a ‘good’ house to close immediately”, Mr. Duc – member of a group of real estate trading in Ha Cabinet share.

Mr. Doan Quoc Duyet, Director of Tin Thanh Company also confirmed, currently, cash psychology is king still dominates the real estate market. If the buyer has “fresh” money available, it will be easier to negotiate the price with the seller. Cash transactions also tend to drive property purchases at a lower cost than the market price level. According to Mr. Duyet, the current period in the past 2-3 years is the easiest to buy and negotiate the real estate price if the buyer has “real money”. When the buyer uses financial leverage, the transaction will be slowed down due to bank loan procedures, price appraisal. According to this expert, in the first 2 quarters of 2021, the trend of cash is king will dominate the market strongly, but most of this cash flow is not defensive, but turns to properties that are offering at bargain prices. At the time of the third quarter of 2020, real estate expert Tran Khanh Quang also said that this is a very good time for buyers to find real estate they love. When you like, you will understand about it, have a vision of the product for 2-3 years and will know whether you buy it expensive or cheap.