4 mistakes that more than 70% of home buyers make

Mistakes when buying a house such as determined to find a house that meets 10/10 set criteria, whether it takes many years or the expectation of negotiating more last-minute discounts, many people lose their chance to settle.
1. Looking to buy a house with 10/10 criteria at all costs
Mr. Thanh spent 3 years looking to buy a house, during which time he stayed at home to rent. Although he was quite satisfied with a few houses, but because he was still not really satisfied, he decided to continue to find a perfect house with the most reasonable price for himself. Finally, the landlord he was renting suddenly announced he wanted to sell the house, so he gave him a month to find a new place to live. The new house cannot be bought in time, the rental house is also difficult to find, so he has to accept more transportation costs and rent another more expensive room to ensure family life. At that time, he regretted that the houses that he had previously overlooked were now skyrocketing in price. This is one of the most common home buying mistakes that many people make.

Real estate is an asset of great value, so the psychology of buyers is always choosing very carefully. However, when the market has many fluctuations, prices are constantly increasing, buyers should not hesitate to choose a house that is quite satisfied, located in a favorable area, without too much repair and price. acceptable.

2. Losing the opportunity to buy a house because of the mentality of “slow but sure”
Losing an opportunity while doing legal research is something many home buyers have come across. Is the mentality “slow but sure” right now?

nhiều tòa nhà cao tầng nằm ở mặt đường lớn có xe cộ đang di chuyển

Many tall buildings are located on a large road surface with traffic in motion
Many people have missed the opportunity to buy a house while studying legal. Illustration

Real estate buyers can not skip the legal checks such as checking information on certificates, checking online information, asking officials at the district urban management office, asking for a reply in writing. on planning certificate … To fully implement the above legal checks to ensure 100% peace of mind will take a lot of time. The solution to avoid mistakes when buying this house, not missing the opportunity but still ensuring a safe transaction, without having to encounter problems later, is that the buyer can conduct a quick inspection on the certificate and check. online. The next step is to make a deposit to the seller, with binding terms related to checking planning information, or to ask the seller to cooperate in applying for a planning certificate. If the result is not the same as the agreement, the seller has to return the deposit, and if no problem arises, the transaction will continue.

3. Do not view up to 10 houses
Thinking that up to 10 homes will take time and are not absolutely necessary is also a common mistake of many home buyers. One of the rules when buying a home is the rule of connection. Homebuyers should go see a minimum of 10 homes to choose from and make a decision. The more effort it takes to learn and review, the more data buyers have to compare and evaluate which house is suitable and whether the price is too different from the market. At that time, your chances of buying a good house will be even more.

The frequency of home visits by buyers to stay should also be higher than for home buyers because housing is a stable and long-term place to live.

4. Expect to negotiate last minute discounts
After carefully checking the legal of the house and agreeing on the price, the two sides went to the step of signing a sale contract. At this step, many buyers expect to be able to continue negotiating for a further discount because they think that the seller will “go into the water” to cut a further amount because they do not want to waste time and effort on selling again. However, this possibility is not easy to happen. In fact, this is a mistake when it comes to buying a home, making the transaction impossible because disagreement occurs at “89th minute”.

When buying a house, after surveying and carefully looking at the construction quality, legality, feng shui … if you find that the repair work costs a lot and has many unsatisfied points, the buyer can negotiate a discount immediately. transaction with the seller to make the transaction more convenient and quicker in the following steps.